We are a scientific communication agency…

We are a scientific communication agency who develop engaging and accessible animations based on a specific researcher’s work.

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Over 2.5 million papers are published every year.
But on average, these papers are only read ten times and often never cited.



Our animations make your research engaging and accessible,
giving your work the attention it deserves
from the right people.



Higher impact metrics and increased citations for your research. Clear, accessible science for society through dedicated social media. Simple.

We at Sci Ani convert research

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Easy as A, B, C

Easy as A, B, C

You give us the info

You provide us with the information and research you would like to see brought to life. We will speak with you either via email or phone to discuss your specific goals. From colour schemes to characters, we make sure the animation we create is exactly as you want it. But once we know these details, we leave you alone – we appreciate how busy researchers can be so we streamline our process as much as possible to save you time.

We condense it

We then take this information and create an engaging script written to the timeframe you require. At this point, you are able to revise the script as much as possible until it reads exactly as you want it to. Once approved, we then use a professional voice actor to create the animation’s voice over.

The magic happens

The voice over and any extra information or images you provide are then passed over to the animation team. This is where the magic happens, condensing your complicated research down into a visual, easy-to-understand animation. From paper to video, this animation is then passed back to you for your feedback and approval. We only ever ask for payment once you approve your animation.

Our Animation Packages

Our Animation Packages

All animation packages include:

Professional narration with choice of voice actor

Unlimited revisions of voice-over script up to production

1 round of revisions to the animation

Dedicated social media outreach campaign

Over 85,000 impressions across all social media channels – guaranteed

Whiteboard Production

2D design elements combined with an animated hand

Distinctive, entertaining and eye-catching

Whiteboard-style background

Good for simple explanations that focus on the science

60 second production £970
90 second production £1210
120 second production £1860
180 second production £2390
180+ enquire below

2D Design

Sharp, contemporary 2D motion graphics that make an impression

Includes characters and text effects where appropriate

Scene-appropriate backgrounds

Good for telling the story behind your research or introducing your company

60 second production £1170
90 second production £1470
120 second production £2130
180 second production £2740
180+ enquire below

2D with 3D elements

The sharp visuals of 2D motion graphics with the added depth of 3D elements

3D elements provide further detail

Give your viewers added insight into your work

Great for detailed visual explanations of your research

60 second production £1490
90 second production £2080
120 second production £2480
180 second production £3240
180+ enquire below

Fully 3D Design

Stunning 3D visuals bring your research to life

Convey more realism, detail and depth

Choice of appearance: realistic, stylised 3D, etc.

Increased depth of explanation

Cutting edge techniques

Great for showcasing your work to the highest possible standard

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See what our clients think

Working with Patrick and his team at Sci Ani on our animation has been a great experience! They are very thorough, responsive, and delivers on their promises. We are also really happy with the animation they did for us, it explains a complicated concept in an easy way.

Helena Cowley, Captozyme

I was pleased with the few-minute animation the Sci Ani team developed to illustrate the basic functionality and advantages of a new dosimetry device my team invented and tested. The animations are a good way of communicating the basic science to a lay audience.

Dr Steven Vigdor, Phenix Medical LLC

It was an absolute pleasure working with the Sci Ani team to co-create a compelling evidence-based script, with a wonderful readiness to incorporate feedback and timeliness to reach the final presentation of research findings.

Dr Christine Wekerle, McMaster University

I really like the visual look to the animation and was impressed by the team’s ability to design a very creative and engaging video. The process used very little of my time, as it was very streamlined and the Sci Ani team handled feedback very positively.

Dr Namkee Choi, University of Texas

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