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Impaired Theory of Mind in very preterm birth

Dr Margot Taylor’s research utilises innovative brain imaging technology, such as magnetoencephalography (MEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and MRI to understand the neural bases of cognitive development.

eWind Solutions – Working towards bringing affordable airborne wind energy to rural communities

eWind Solutions seek to revolutionise the renewable energy market. Through their Tethered Energy Drone (T.E.D) portable technology, higher winds can now be targeted to generate energy at four times the rate of traditional wind turbines or residential solar panels.

Dr Christine Wekerle – CSA

Sci Ani worked with Dr Christine Wekerle in creation of a compelling animation, covering the sensitive topic of child sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse, or CSA, is often the elephant in the room. Everyone knows it’s a serious issue, but it remains a difficult conversation to have. Research is one place to start. While female victimisation may be more common, male victimisation is a huge modern-day issue. Male victims don’t disclose their CSA histories easily or willingly, so having a comfortable support network around them is vital. But, to form this, we need to ask ourselves: are we ready to listen?

Center For Network Systems Biology – CNSB

The Center for Network Systems Biology at Boston University supports ambitious research initiatives to map these protein interaction networks in different biomedical contexts to address this critical knowledge gap. CNSB provides the essential interdisciplinary knowledge as well as the technical prowess to get to the heart of network systems biology. With research programs based across both Boston University campuses – BU Medical Center and Charles River – the center offers a leading hub from which to chart the molecular networks of cells and tissues.

Is there an alternative to fossil fuels?

Green Biologics are a renewable chemicals company who are not only changing the face of renewable chemicals, but are changing the world while they are at it. Dr Liz Jenkinson is one of the lead researchers at the company, and it is her work that is providing the answer to the question: is there an alternative to fossil fuels? Her work proves that the answer is yes, and that it only relies on three key components – bacteria, genetic engineering and sugar.

A technology based future for psychotheraphy

Professor Namkee Choi from the University of Texas has been investigating how video conferencing can be used to deliver cost-effective mental health care for low-income homebound older adults suffering from depression.

High precision dose monitoring can enhance targeted tumour therapy

Proton beam therapy offers the potential to treat cancerous tumours without damaging the surrounding tissue. Dr Steven Vigdor, Professor Emeritus of Physics at Indiana University, hopes that his new venture, Phenix Medical LLC, will bring this technology closer to the patients it can benefit.

The ‘intelligent’ human immune system can respond naturally to fight cancer

Dr Xuemei Zhong, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine, in the Haematology and Oncology section of the department. Her research looks at how the ‘intelligent’ human immune system can be stimulated to fight diseases like cancer without reliance on high doses of drugs and short-lived therapies, with a particular focus on a process called immunosurveillance.

An innovative, nutrition-based approach to managing kidney stones

The biotechnology company Captozyme is spearheading an innovative approach to nutrition to prevent the formation of painful kidney stones and other complications arising from the absorption of calcium oxalate from food. The company’s research efforts are led by Dr Qing-Shan Li, co-founder and CSO of the company.