Easy as A, B, C

You give us the info

You provide us with the information and research you would like to see brought to life. We will speak with you either via email or phone to discuss your specific goals. From colour schemes to characters, we make sure the animation we create is exactly as you want it. But once we know these details, we leave you alone – we appreciate how busy researchers can be so we streamline our process as much as possible to save you time.

We condense it

We then take this information and create an engaging script written to the timeframe you require. At this point, you are able to revise the script as much as possible until it reads exactly as you want it to. Once approved, we then use a professional voice actor to create the animation’s voice over.

The magic happens

The voice over and any extra information or images you provide are then passed over to the animation team. This is where the magic happens, condensing your complicated research down into a visual, easy-to-understand animation. From paper to video, this animation is then passed back to you for your feedback and approval. We only ever ask for payment once you approve your animation.