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Why science must combat sensationalism

I remember once whilst flicking through a certain popular newspaper, I noticed a headline claiming that ‘one glass of red wine a day prevents breast cancer’. Naturally, like anyone, I became intrigued, and delved right into the content. Now, I guess I’m different to most other readers, as I already have an academic background in science, so I more-or-less know how to smell rubbish when it is staring me in … View Article >>

video statistics

Video: The stats you need to know

The days of VHS tapes and the constantly moving screen when you hit the pause button seem a far-cry from the technological world of 2017. Video literally is everywhere you turn – TV, Facebook, interactive billboards, you name it.  Love it or hate it, there is no denying that video will continue its dominance as the king of media into future years to come. Don’t believe me? Just check out … View Article >>

social media video

Social media and the rise of video

Since the innovation of Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web and the introduction of Google in 1998, the successive trend of online development has been in social media. Patrick Bawn takes a look at how important using video has now become across these platforms, especially within science. With the world living in a time of online interactivity, and people becoming more and more immersed in using social media platforms, the landscape … View Article >>

explaining science

The importance of… explaining science simply

Science can be a complicated mistress. Whether it be understanding the cosmic influence of quarks and gluons, or the biological reasoning behind using Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) as a model for research, explaining science in layman’s terms is vital to bridging the gap between research experts and the wider public. Improving this access is more important now than ever before, especially in light of the increasing numbers of sensationalised science … View Article >>