Testimonials – old

Helena Cowley

Working with Patrick and his team at SciAni on our animation has been a great experience! They are very thorough, responsive, and delivers on their promises. We are also really happy with the animation they did for us, it explains a complicated concept in an easy way. Helena Cowley,
Chief Operating Officer, Captozyme

I was pleased with the few-minute animation the SciAni team developed to illustrate the basic functionality and advantages of a new dosimetry device my team invented and tested. The animations are a good way of communicating the basic science to a lay audience.
Your team did a good job translating the science background I provided into simplified, but still accurate, animations, and was furthermore very receptive to the edits I made to improve accuracy, while maintaining comprehensibility.
Dr Steven Vigdor,
Senior Vice President, Phenix Medical LLC